Brilliance in Darkness: Verdi's 'Simon Boccanegra'


THE HIT SINGLE: The Council Chamber Scene

The highly-charged Council Chamber Scene, the second scene in Act One, was added in the 1881 version of the opera. In it, Boccanegra (baritone Simone Piazzola) challenges the rulers and people of Genoa to overcome their differences ("Plebe! Patrizi! Popolo …"). The entire cast and chorus respond, in a spectacular ensemble conveying the wide range of their conflicting emotions.

THE B SIDE: "Daughter! At that name I tremble"

One of the opera's pivotal moments comes earlier in Act One when Boccanegra (Placido Domingo) and Amelia (soprano Marina Poplavskaya) first realize their true relationship. Their duet begins with Simon's exclamation, "Figlia! a tal nome io palpito."