Venice Plays the Villain, in Donizetti's 'Caterina Cornaro'


THE HIT SINGLE: "Vieni, o tu …"

In the prologue, after her father calls off her wedding, Caterina (soprano Maria Pia Piscitelli) learns that Gerardo is coming in secret to take her away, and sings the two-part aria "Come, you whom I always call," yearning for his arrival and anticipating a joyful reunion.


THE B SIDE: "De che sposa Caterina"

In Act One, Lusignano (baritone Franco Vassallo) realizes that the Venetians only offered him Caterina as a wife in order to undermine his rule of Cypress. In this aria he vows to defy them, and expresses sympathy for Caterina, ending with the words "Every tear she sheds is a dagger in my heart."