Cosmopolitan Charm, in Martinu's 'Mirandolina'


THE HIT SINGLE: 'Oh, che mai...'

Mirandolina (soprano Katerina Knezikova) introduces herself in this feisty, Act One aria. Left alone after the Marchese proposes marriage, she quickly rejects that silly idea. Then she refelcts on the woman-hating Cavaliere Ripafratta. Vowing to teach him a lesson, she says he simply hasn't met his match yet--but that he surely has now!

THE B SIDE: 'Saltarello'

The best-known exceprt from Mirandolina is likely this orchestral number, the rollicking "Saltarello" that opens Act Three. It's a great example of Martinu's signature eclecticism--a traditional Italian dance reworked in a style that's also intrinsically Czech.